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weding cards,invitation card online
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Wedding is one of the most special of occasions in one's life. Wedding as an agent Inviting the dignitaries. Like a witness of your love. Make your own wedding cards. Wedding card design program.
Weding card design program
Wedding card design program
How to save image file
Making wedding card with photoshop
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Wedding preparation information. List of key individuals. You need to print cards, such as starting from the president (if any) Name - the host currency. Wedding party - bride Name - Surname groom - bride Venues. Including the engagement (if any), banquet style, such as cocktails, buffet, or Chinese.
For ( Android / Iphone / Ipad /HTML5)
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For Flash
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Example wedding card
Wedding card
Wedding card make use background is a rose. Or your background.
And transparency over the image with the background.
Use a Border 5: a picture frame rose
And frameTransparent 40%. This example is the image.
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