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Value of colored contact lenses
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virtual  contact lens
Color Contact lenses For flash
Virtual contact lens for ( Android / Iphone / Ipad /HTML5)
Virtual contact lens for mobile phone
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Water Content
Contact Lenses are commonly grouped into four groups based on water content (less than 50% water are considered to be low water content lenses, and greater than 50% water are high-water content) and on whether the lens surface is considered to be ionic (reactive) or non-ionic (less reactive).

- Contact Lenses (Low water content, non-ionic)
- Contact Lenses (High water content, non-ionic)

- Contact Lenses (Low Water content, ionic)
- Contact Lenses (High Water, Ionic)
Base Curve (BC.)

BC - Base Curve (usually a number between 8 and 10) This stands for base curve. It’s the back curvature of your contact lens and is measured in millimeters. For best fit, comfort and eye health it’s prescribed to match or complement the curvature of you cornea. The lower the number, the steeper your cornea.

Diameter (DIA)

DIA - Diameter (usually a number between 13 and 15) This stands for the diameter. It’s the distance, measured in millimeters, from one edge of your contact lens to the other edge. It’s important because it determines where on your eye the edges of the lens will rest. If the diameter is wrong, it can cause irritation and/or abrasions.

CYL (Cylinder)
: Cylinder refers to the strength of you astigmatism. The values are typically -0.75 up to -1.75. Please note that the cylinder measurement is given with a '-' sign.
Axis refers to the location of your astigmatism. This measurement is given in degrees (º). The values of AXIS may range from 10º up to 180º.
Contact lenses Type
Daily Disposable ,1-2 Weeks Disposable,  Monthly Disposable
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