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Electric drum online
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As an instrument of the drum beat. Consists of several drums and cymbals. Using the drums alone.
And using a foot pedal for the bass drum. Drum kit is commonly used with most types of music.
Virtual drum electric for flash player Virtual drum electric ( Android / Iphone / Ipad / HTML5 )
electric drum
Components of the electric drum
Basic drum kit
-Bass drum & pedal
-Snare drum & stand
-Floor tom
-Tom Tom drum
-Hi-hat cymbals & stand
-Crash cymbal & stand
- Ride cymbal & stand
- Drumstick
The electronic drum usually consists of a set of pads mounted on a stand in a disposition similar to an acoustic drum kit. The pads are discs with a rubber or cloth-like coating. Each pad has a sensor which generates an electric signal when struck. The electric signal is transmitted through cables into an electronic module, which produces a sound associated to the selected pad.
Price Electric Drum set. The price is about $375.00 to $3,750.00
How to play Electric Drum
Electric drum
Blues Contemporary Ethnic Folk Jazz
Latin Rock World 12bar 34time
Blues 1 Contemporary 1 Ethnic 1 Folk 1 Jazz 1
Latin 1 Rock 1 World 1 12bar 1 34time 1
Virtual electric drum online
virtual electric drum
How use program electric drum
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