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Type of hair extension
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Virtual hair extensions for flash player
Virtual hair extensions for mobile
Virtual hair extensions for Tablet
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Hair extension (glue)
Hair extension glue It uses real hair glue between the hair to be connected together. Is how easy And do it fast. It is quite natural This hair extension glue a connector.
Hair extension (tube)
Hair extension tube. This way, I would rather have the durability. It uses materials that resemble small tube connecting the real hair to me to be connected. However, this method is more expensive than the glue. You can shampoo or steam often and I can live for up to 6 months.
Hair extension (Micro Ring)
Hair extension Micro Ring or Clip. I continue this way for all hair types. From dry to oily hair. It does not require glue in hair extensions. Use hair clips are connected with real hair. This hair extension. Will not damage hair. Cheaper than the other method.
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