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How to play Violin
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Violin Violin Fingering
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Virtual violin online - Find a private area with a straight-back chair and a music stand.
- Take the violin out of its case and place the instrument base on your lap.
- Pluck each string using your right or left thumb to test its tension and hear its pitch.
- Use a pitch pipe or a piano to tune your violin to G - D - A - E. ("E" is the top space on the treble clef on your sheet music. "G" is below the second ledger line of the treble clef.)
- Wrap your left hand around the upper body where the neck and fingerboard extend from the instrument.
- Place the base of the violin and the black chin rest below your chin.
- Bring your left shoulder around so it's under the chin rest and forms a support from below.
- Keep the violin level using your left hand. Your shoulder and chin provide firm, but easy contact and support.
- Be comfortable and relaxed.
- Place your right thumb at the corner of the fingerboard nearest the bridge.
- Put the pad of your index finger on top of the "G" string.
- Apply slight pressure so that your finger lands on the neighboring "D" string. This is "plucking" and is called playing "pizzicato."
- Pluck the "G" string four times in a steady rhythm. Use no fingernails.
- Repeat on the "D", "A" and "E" strings. Count with a steady beat or use a metronome.
- Say the names of the strings each time you pluck to make a sound.
- Mix the sequence and keep the tempo at a slow rate. Focus on accuracy.
- Identify the location of the "D" and "A" quarter notes on the treble clef of your sheet music. "D" hangs just below the bottom line. "A" occupies the second space.
Using the Bow
- Tighten the bow hair so there is a 3/4-inch space between the hair and the bow at the closest point.
- Place your right thumb on the inside part of the bow where the frog creeps forward and back.
- Lay your three middle fingers on the outside of the bow. Place your pinkie on top, near the adjustment screw.
- Rest the side of your index finger (just above its second joint) on top of the bow stick.
- Place the frog end of the bow hair on top of the "G" string halfway between the end of the fingerboard and the bridge.
- Allow your hand to fall naturally from your arm at the point of your wrist.
- Apply a slight bit of pressure on the bow and draw a straight line while vibrating the string. Stop near the bow tip. This is a "down bow."
- Reverse the direction and move the bow on the string from the tip to the frog. This is an "up bow."
- Move the bow at a medium-slow and regular speed.
- Focus on producing a steady and pleasant-sounding tone.

Left-Hand Fingering
- Place your left thumb under the violin's neck about 1 1/2 inches below the nut.
- Play two pizzicato notes on the open (no fingering) "G" string.
- Keep your index finger arched and press down firmly on the "G" string with the pad of your fingertip.
- Play two pizzicato notes on this same string. This produces the note "A" - eight notes (an octave) lower than the open "A" string above.
- Play this low "A" with your index finger on the "G" string. Then play the high "A" on the open string above. Listen to how they match in pitch.
- Adjust your finger placement on the "G" string to make the "lower A" pitch match the upper.
- Put your middle finger on the "G" string one inch closer to the bridge.
- Pluck the string. This note is "B" - two whole steps above the "G" string.
- Play B - A - G - A - B - B - B and you've played your first tune, "Mary Had a Little Lamb."
How to violin (Video)
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